Victoria "Imori" Stone Pendant

Victoria "Imori" Stone Pendant


Victoria Stone is also known as Imori Stone, named after its Japanese creator. it is not an arificial or fake stone Dr. Imori was able to actually blends several diffent minerals using a special process known only him. Dr. IMori died without confiding to anyoe how his process worked and no one has been able to duplicate. There is only a limited and nonreplenishable supply of the the beautiful Victoria Stone in existence and when this material is used up to make jewelry and cabochons, it will become scarcer and about impossible to find. To see this gemstone in real life is to understand how incredible it is. This is very simply but elegantly wrapped in Argentium Sterling to show off this beauty! 2 1/2" tall x 1" wide. Hangs from a Sterling silver 18" chain.


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