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My workbench areas
for jewelry designing and handcrafting.

  • What is Argentium Sterling Silver and why do I use it?

 Argentium is classified as Sterling with .935 silver content vs. regular Sterling with .925. But the biggest difference is instead of copper as the alloy which is what causes sterling to tarnish, Argentium uses germanium instead, which slows down the tarnishing immensely. Argentium will still tarnish but it takes much longer. And as a side note, Argentium is a slightly whiter color. There are other differences if you are a jewelry maker but for you, the purchaser, these are the main differences.

  • Can you get different chains and different size chains with your pendants?​

My less expensive pieces include an 18" Sterling silver snake chain at no extra cost. But since the pendants are Argentium, if you would like to have an Argentium chain that is more decorative and won't tarnish as quickly, then email me and I can add an 18" Argentium chain for an additional $50. Also, I have some longer no cost snake chains if you need a larger size. Just let me know and I will happily exchange.

  • Can I return an item if I don't like it?

Absolutely! I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you receive an item and it is not what you like, I will be happy to exchange or refund your money within 7 days after you receive it and we've come to terms whether you want to exchange or return. But I believe that will be a rare occasion as I take pride in my work!

  • Will you resize a ring?​

Sorry, but my rings are made to be worn on whichever finger they fit as it is fashionable today to wear rings on any and even all fingers!

I will update this FAQ as I get questions but these are my most asked to date! You can always email me with any questions before or after purchase.               

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